Coffee Series


Yes, these works were all painted with various – sometimes many – layers of boiled coffee on paper. 

They are dedicated to the memory of a dear friend of many years ago, Alberto Ungaro,  an artist from Rome, who some time ago showed me works he had done with pen and ink and washes of tea on paper, very delicate and beautiful drawings. I had forgotten about these  works until one day when I was in one of my ‘I-need-something-new’ moods. After having experimented with tea, however,  I found it to be too delicate and light for what I had in mind, so I boiled and filtered strong coffee instead …. and had enormous fun working with different strengths of diluted or thick Espresso coffee on heavy-weight papers. After throwing the first five or six pieces away, I began to learn how to manipulate the flow of the coffee on the paper and so I had found ‘something new’ to play with. All works are treated with a fixative with UV light absorbers and stabilizers for color protection. 

The Chinese chop I have used in some of the works as signature, is a gift from my good friend  James V.  Hatch  who had my name carved into jade by a Chinese carver while on a teaching tour in China. I use it as an homage for my great love and admiration for Asian Art.

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